November 13, 2023

Instaworthy Moments through Physical Marketing

A skincare product with clever, colorful packaging of pink, yellow, and black elements

Your brand’s print, packaging, and signage comes with opportunities to engage your audience. By using these materials to encourage social media sharing, your reach will expand to like-minded audiences who are likely to trust their peers that are sharing your product. Here are some ways you can leverage your physical materials to boost earned media. The first step is creating an “Instaworthy” experience.

Special unboxing

They say it’s what’s on the inside that counts, but it’s true that your packaging can boost the customer experience from the moment your product arrives. Brand your boxes with your color, logo, or even textures that match your brand personality. When your box makes it to a customer’s doorstep, they’ll know exactly who it’s from. The more creative your box is, the more likely customers will be to snap a photo or even take an unboxing video to share on social media. The packaging materials inside can even make the experience memorable. Toss in some confetti, for example!

Get digital

Include QR codes on your product packaging or boxes that take consumers to valuable information about the product, a special coupon, consumer videos about the product, or your social pages! That way, they’ll be immediately guided online to consider sharing their experience, too.

Handwritten notes

Tuck a handwritten “thank you” note in your package to new or loyal customers. Or just send one via direct mail out-of-the-blue! Personal touches like this are a reminder of the person behind the brand and help to strengthen your customer relationships. Sweet surprises like this may also inspire your recipients to share their experience.

Custom wrapping paper*

During the holiday season or if you know your product is a gift, use custom wrapping paper. You can print photos, graphics, or illustrations on wrapping paper to create a memorable brand experience worthy of sharing. Any unexpected touchpoint you can add to your packaging will encourage social chatter.

Go green

Many consumers value a business that prioritizes the environment. If you want to go green with limited packaging, let consumers know why you’ve scaled down. They may want to share the idea to encourage other businesses to do the same. You can also use recycled or upcycled materials to ensure your contents arrive to their destination safely.

Seasonal bundles

If you sell a variety of products, designs, or styles, consider selling a variety grab bag or seasonal bundle. The element of surprise for customers will encourage them to compare what they received on social media. Encourage customers to share their “haul” with a special hashtag. 

Promotional products

If your business is sponsoring or attending an event, provide promotional items that will be useful at the event itself when people are likely to be snapping and sharing photos. Think of items attendees may wish they had with them. For example, in cold weather, consider branded beanies. Or in hot weather, fans may be the star of the show. You could even serve a drink in reusable, branded cups!

Send a surprise

Direct mail that contains the unexpected will likely help you earn social media shares. Consider sending coupons or even product samples to loyal customers or hot prospects. Go all out with your design on these unexpected materials to make the experience exciting.


If your business is hosting or attending an event, ensure your event space or booth is decked out in signage. Banners are great to bring along to a trade show or event because they can easily function as a backdrop for attendees to pose with. Bring along props like promo items or even silly oversized items that speak to your brand to encourage photo opps.

The key to creating Instaworthy moments

To make your print, packaging, and signage worth sharing, you must provide a visual or emotional impact on your customers, through showing you care or adding an element of surprise. As you’re scrolling, see what people are sharing and consider how you can apply that to your brand. Not only will you strengthen your connection with your customer, you’ll reach their peers as well, hitting on brand loyalty and overall awareness.


*Check with your local PostNet on the availability of custom wrapping paper. Not available at every PostNet location.


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