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Let PostNet Oversee Your Overseas Shipments

Whether you’re worried about duties and taxes, import regulations, or custom forms, PostNet experts are here to save you time and make international shipping easy! Whether you need to ship items internationally for business or personal reasons, we’re committed to providing you with the best custom packaging and services to prepare your shipment for its trip across the globe.


  • What are my shipping options?

    PostNet ships using the following carriers: UPS®, FedEx®, DHL®, or USPS®. Explore our shipping choices here.

  • How does shipping to a different country work?

    Like domestic shipping, you have a few options when shipping internationally. You can spend more for a faster delivery time or choose more budget-friendly options that may take longer. PostNet services include UPS® international shipping, FedEx® international shipping, international USPS® shipping, and DHL® international shipping*. We understand the value of your shipment and will work to get the best rates for your package. Contact your local PostNet location for details on a particular service, including express international options.

    After selecting your shipping options, your package will need to clear customs. Customs agents make sure that you have the correct custom forms filled out and that you aren’t sending any prohibited items. They will also check that you have paid sufficient duties and taxes, and that your package aligns with your designated country’s regulations. Duties are taxes imposed on goods when they are transported across international borders. Once you’ve checked off those boxes, a shipping label will be created for your package and it will be ready to move to its final destination.

    *DHL offered at select PostNet locations.

  • What can I ship internationally?

    With overseas shipments, you can send everything from small packages like letters and presents to large items like furniture. Each country has its own customs rules and guidelines. Once you’ve selected the country you wish to ship to, do some research on prohibited items such as cash, active debit and credit cards, bulk gold or silver, anything that could be dangerous in transit (weapons, explosives, and infectious or highly flammable items), and contraband. You can visit the World Customs Organization’s Web site at to find restrictions for your country of choice.

  • How do I know my package has been delivered?

    The easiest way to make sure your shipment reaches its destination is to ship with PostNet! International shipping can be difficult and can leave many margins for error. Attempting to ship prohibited items or failing to fill out customs forms correctly leads to your shipment being held up at customs, discarded, or sent back at your own expense.

    Bring your package to the shipping experts at PostNet. We will help you fill out all necessary forms and confirm that your items are acceptable to ship. Ask us to e-mail you your tracking number for additional visibility. For added security, take advantage of our custom packing services to protect the contents of your package for their long journey!

    Find your local PostNet center to get your next international shipment on its way.


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