June 27, 2024

Paws & PostNet: How a Local Pet Food Store Partnered With PostNet to Print and Send All Their Marketing Materials

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In 1998, Jennifer Burlo and Gene Large brought their love for dogs to the shelves of pet stores across the nation. They saw a need for healthier, budget-friendly pet food. They started American Natural Premium (ANP) to ensure stores were stocked with American-made food with real natural ingredients and high-quality nutrition.

What started out as a small family-owned business turned into something bigger, so Jennifer and Gene called on their longtime friend and experienced businessman, Bruce Voss, to run their Sales and Marketing. With 800 retail locations across the continental United States, Bruce has his work cut out for him. He’s constantly running around their warehouse in Wisconsin and flying out of state to attend conferences and check on operations.

He turned to his local PostNet owner, Laurie, for support. Bruce has known Laurie for over 25 years, so he knew he could rely on her. Laurie keeps a spreadsheet of all the printing jobs Bruce sends her way and makes sure they are in constant communication about what he needs and when. PostNet takes care of all of Bruce’s printing and mailing needs. From ceiling signs to rack cards, and from event handouts to table tents — PostNet does it all.

We recently had the opportunity to visit Bruce at ANP’s headquarters in Wisconsin to learn more about what he does on a daily basis, and how PostNet has helped keep his business running smoothly.

Watch the video here.


What do you find most valuable about your relationship with PostNet?

Here at American Natural Premium, we all love our pets. But, ultimately, it takes a lot of people to build a business. Having PostNet to rely on certainly helps us increase our overall business. I can place an order with PostNet, and within 24 hours, I get everything that I request. I really do love that kind of service. 


What does PostNet help you with? 

Some of the services that we use from PostNet are product display, print marketing, and direct mail pieces. What PostNet produces for us really allows us to create brand awareness. What I love the most though, it’s the friendship. They really allow us to achieve our goals. And I honestly believe we couldn’t do it without them. 


At PostNet, our customers come first. We don’t just ‘do business,’ we get to know you, even become friends, and sometimes get to pet the cutest dogs in the process, all because we’re proud to be your neighbor. We offer our design, print, and shipping services with the sole purpose of helping you and your business thrive. 

At PostNet, we’re on a first-name basis. 


Speaking with Bruce was just one part of a series of videos and interviews in our ‘First-Name Basis’ campaign. Take a look at Megan’s and Tausha’s stories as well. 


PostNet is a design, print, and ship business with hundreds of franchise locations across North America. We have provided small businesses and consumers with high-quality services for years. Each of our franchises are independently owned and keenly focused on helping the businesses and individuals in their community succeed. 

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