June 12, 2018

Four Tips to Make Moving Less Stressful

Summer is one of the most popular times of the year to move and therefore it can be an incredibly stressful time for many people. So the big question is, how do you eliminate as much stress as possible and make this big life transition more exciting?

Here are four tips to make packing and moving more enjoyable.


1. Give Yourself Enough Time

Sometimes moves can sneak up on you fast, but if at all possible we recommend planning ahead and to try and give yourself at least eight weeks to make the experience as smooth as possible. This will allow you the time to gather packing supplies, find the right movers for you, and account for any unexpected items that should arise.


2. Choose the Right Packing Supplies

Knowing the correct supplies to use for your move will make the process even simpler from start to finish. If you plan to pack your items, be sure to find the correct size box and packing materials to fit your needs. In terms of packing materials, we recommend that you don’t use crumpled newspaper. Instead, try to use peanuts, bubble wrap, styrofoam or air pockets. If packed correctly, any box can be dropped from waist height and the items inside will still remain intact.


3. Stay Organized

One of the perks of moving is that it gives you the opportunity to take inventory of everything you own and clear out the clutter. Be prepared with an assortment of boxes and bags so you can sort your items into different categories: donations, recycling, or junk. You can drop off your donations and recycling to the appropriate organizations in your area and call a junk hauler to come pick up the rest. While it may seem like you’re adding more to your to do list, this tried-and-true process allows you to only move the items you truly want to hold on to.


4. Move at the Right Time

Since summer is such a popular time to move, choosing the best time during the week to move will make it even easier. We recommend moving on a weekday, that way you will deal with less traffic and possibly have lower fees associated with hiring movers. During this busy time, it’s also important to book your moving reservations early so you can get the time that works best for your schedule.


Are you moving this summer and need help picking out the best packing supplies for your move? PostNet can help!


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