September 30, 2019

Printing for Your Dream Wedding

It may begin and end with rings, but on the journey from engagement to wedded bliss, printed products play the biggest role of all in setting the tone for your matrimony. Save the Dates, invitations, RSVP cards, place cards, thank you cards, and more — these communicate to your guests and loved ones what your aesthetic looks like, what your personality is, and what they can expect from your wedding. 

In addition, these pieces become treasured keepsakes, both for the newlyweds themselves and for their closest loved ones. Parents and grandparents of the bride and groom will often frame the wedding invitation and other memorabilia along with photos to help commemorate the special day. 



Once you start planning your wedding, your aesthetic is one of the first things you and your partner will need to decide on. Will your wedding be more of a formal or casual affair — or somewhere in between? Will you incorporate bright colors, a muted palette, or even go boldly minimalist with black and white? It may be easier to start off by thinking of other elements of your wedding, such as your flowers, bridesmaid dresses, and decor, but those same design choices will apply to your suite of wedding print materials. 

If you’re planning a destination wedding, you’ll likely want to plan your design choices around an airy, beachy vibe, or incorporate the use of tropical foliage. For a formal wedding, you might take a classy route and opt for sweeping, romantic typography instead of using a lot of color and images. Boho couples could incorporate paisley patterns or botanical themes.

Whatever aesthetic speaks most to you, communicate it to your PostNet designer, who can bring it to life and apply it to your full suite of wedding materials. Be sure to order all your materials together for a consistent look and feel. 



The overall impression of your wedding materials will be based just as much on the tangible details as your artistic choices. The type of paper and treatment you opt for will have a huge impact on the way your printed pieces are perceived! You might choose a raw, textured paper for a rustic country wedding, or a satin finish that shimmers in the light for a formal affair. Visit your local PostNet for the chance to examine samples of your different paper options in person. It’s the only way to know just how it will look and feel to your guests!

[Learn more about the wide world of paper options.]



Invitations and thank you cards are a must — but there are many other materials you might choose to include in your suite of wedding materials. The more you communicate with your guests, the more excited they’ll be for your wedding, and the more special they’ll feel to be a part of it! Consider these ideas to add some extra sentimental touches.

  • Engagement Announcements are the perfect opportunity for couples to share their excitement over taking that leap to “fiancés.” These can be printed as postcards and sent to your loved ones — it’s the perfect way to share your big news in a special way.
  • Save the Dates are to be sent soon after the date is set for your wedding to ensure that your guests have as much time as possible to plan ahead, make any necessary travel arrangements, and make sure that they don’t double-book the date. Like engagement announcements, Save the Dates are often sent as postcards, but can also be made into magnets and more to make them extra memorable.
  • RSVP Cards are beginning to lose popularity as many opt to collect responses via a phone call or even email. However, particularly for those planning a formal wedding, including RSVP cards (along with a self-addressed, pre-stamped envelope) adds a touch of tradition.
  • Place Cards are perfect for helping your guests find their seats on the big day! It’s also a great opportunity to reinforce your aesthetic and create a cohesive feel by creating place cards that match your other materials.
  • Signage at the wedding can serve many purposes — welcoming guests, directing them to the ceremony site or reception hall, introducing your signature cocktail, and encouraging participation in an activity (like blowing bubbles as you walk down the aisle, or taking photos on disposable cameras). Be sure to have these printed using the same typography and design elements as the rest of your materials!
  • Photo Albums are easy to create after the wedding is over, and are a wonderful way to capture and preserve your memories. Your photos can be printed and bound into a book you can display on a mantle or coffee table.

A wedding is a once in a lifetime occasion, and there are many opportunities to make it unique and special to you and your spouse-to-be. PostNet designers and print experts can help you design, plan, and print every piece that will be a part of it. If you’re getting ready to tie the knot, stop by and tell us about what your dream wedding looks like to you — then let us bring it to life!


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