November 16, 2023

Social Media Tips for the Busy Business Owner

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Social media often gets put on the backburner for business owners, but it’s important to not overlook its prominent role in your digital marketing presence. However, it takes time to be active on social media – time that business owners don’t have. Read on for tips to help your business maintain a social media presence while saving you time.

Use AI tools

There are tons of AI tools available which help you create social posts tailored to your audience and the channels you use. They can help you organize your ideas, create content calendars, and even provide starting points to write posts.

Repurpose content

When you pour your time into a longer content piece like a blog or video, make a habit of using it to its largest potential by translating it for use on social media platforms. For example, a listicle could become a series of Instagram posts. Video content could become TikTok eye-candy when spliced into clips on the app. If a customer posted a great photo or video with your product, repost it or ask for permission to use their photo or video as part of your own content library, giving credit where it’s due. Get creative with it! When you produce quality content, there’s always a way to show it off on social media.

Schedule posts

Using AI or more traditional tools, schedule your posts. If you dedicate time monthly to create and schedule posts for the weeks ahead, you can focus on running your business and be confident that social media is humming along in the background.

Create a content library

Original photos or videos will always perform better than text-only posts or stock images. While a steady number of posts will improve your social media algorithm, quality matters. To make each of your posts work harder, create a bank of photos and videos you can use with a variety of posts. Set aside a day to shoot product, store, or employee photos and videos, creating a library of content to pair with your posts. While this may take some time on the front-end, it will save you time in the content brainstorming process and make your posts more engaging.

Hire an intern

Finally, hire a social media intern. The younger age group has their finger on the pulse of social media trends and can be of great help, cranking out relevant content quickly. Use your time with an intern wisely so they can set practices that will impact your business long after their summer stint. An intern can create a library of content or lay out a content calendar for upcoming months. Your business will get a great content boost, and your intern will leave with an awesome portfolio of work.

Rely on metrics

Take the time (or ask your intern!) to audit how each channel is performing against your marketing goals. See which posts perform the best, too. Consider which platforms your target audience uses the most. This will differ based on your specific target market. Then focus your efforts on the platforms and posts that matter most. It’s great to experiment on social media and see how things perform, and by analyzing metrics, your posts won’t just be a shot in the dark.

It’s easy to push social media down on your list when things get busy, but doing so can cost you reach and relevance. With a little focus and some help along the way, you can use social media to reach your marketing objectives and even your business goals.


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