June 4, 2024

A Consultancy Business Founded on Trust & How They Work with PostNet

Woman in Vaulted Security polo sits on black couch with red pillows.

Vaulted Security is a business consultancy service driven by its vision: Do what’s right for the client. The Vaulted Security team sees each business holistically, works with them to improve their bottom line, and provides them with the services they need, highly securely.

With years of experience in the financial and technology field, owner Anna Bourgeois founded the company to help other businesses reach their goals. While attending a Chamber meeting, Anna met Donnie, owner of the Lafayette, LA, PostNet. Donnie was one of the first people to greet Anna, and they clicked immediately. After learning what PostNet can do, Anna and Donnie started working together on ideas for upscale business cards. From there, the business relationship blossomed. Today, PostNet is Vaulted Security’s go-to supplier for just about anything that carries its logo.

Hear from Anna on what it was like founding a business and how Vaulted Security partners with PostNet to help with marketing and business operations:

What was it like opening a small business?

Well, we had the perfect timing, as we decided to get started in January 2020, just before everything locked down for the pandemic! Needless to say, it was a quite different experience than we had envisioned. More time at home led to some great training opportunities from my back porch swing.

During the summer months, I joined a BNI group to network with like-minded business owners. Things were still a little awkward for business visits, so this provided a way for me to generate some great relationships from home. In my experience, opening a small business is always more challenging than you expect. Many hats must be worn as you grow your business, and I appreciate the perspective and knowledge that has given me. The ability to manage our client experience has been very rewarding! I have so much more respect for business owners who go after their dreams!

Any advice for a new or aspiring small business owner?

Get ready! It will be exciting and challenging! I have two tips for you:

  1. Find some trusted partners in similar business fields to network with and help one another.
  2. Decide what you want your reputation to be and then build it. 

What PostNet products or services do you use?

PostNet is our go-to supplier for business cards, pens (including my favorite “bling” pens), banners, logo tablecloths, flyers, disclosure stickers, monogramming (all the things), logo mugs, logo cups… basically anything that carries our logo! Donnie and Dana make it easy to come up with ideas and make them a reality. We also ship out equipment and other gifts through their local branch.

A pen that says Vaulted Security with a crystal at the end and black business cards with the Vaulted Security logo and Anna's contact info.

What do you value most about your partnership with PostNet?

I value the relationship I have with Donnie and Dana at the Lafayette PostNet. They treat you like more than just a customer. You’re a business friend, and they will allow you to indulge in all the crazy ideas. They put a focus on quality in their work, and they go the extra mile! I have often saved a trip to them by meeting up with Donnie at networking events. It may seem like a small thing, but when you save me time, that makes a huge difference in my daily to-do list.

What do you love about Vaulted Security?

I love that we get to help small businesses reach a better position. Sometimes that is helping someone save 4-5 figures annually on their card processing costs. Other times, it’s being there when they need advice or help solving a problem. Through our different services, we get to help manage your necessities and remove the headache that business “support” often provides. Our services include payment enablement, cyber security, VoIP business phone service, and a few others. Above what we offer, our vision is what drives us: “Do what’s right for the client.”


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