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November 9, 2021

5 Ways to Make Holiday Gifts Extra Thoughtful

The season of giving is upon us! After a tough year and a half, many people are searching for ways to show loved ones they care. Whether or not you’re able to enjoy the holidays with your family and friends in person, you can make the season special with extra-thoughtful gifts.

Here are five ways to get in the spirit of the season and set your gifts apart from the rest.


1. Create a DIY gift basket

To go the extra mile, consider giving themed gift baskets. These gifts are a great way to show that you really know your loved ones and their interests. Rather than spending a ton on expensive gift sets, save money and get personal by creating your own DIY gift basket. Select a theme, then choose a handful of items to include in your set. If you want to make it extra thoughtful, include a handcrafted item or two, or a handwritten letter.

Finally, put it all together! You can find inexpensive baskets at craft stores or even pick up a unique container at a thrift store. Use a decorative filling like tissue paper or confetti, then arrange your items inside. Wrap the entire basket with plastic and top it all off with a custom label

Need inspiration? Here are a few creative gift basket ideas:

  • Spa Day Basket: Include luxurious bath bombs, a selection of face masks, a loofah, and a homemade sugar scrub in a bath-safe caddy.
  • Craft Beer Lovers Gift Set: Fill a wooden basket with a selection of microbrews, a pint glass from a local brewery, and a unique bottle opener.
  • Sports Fan Basket: Choose a basket in the recipient’s favorite team’s colors, then fill it with memorabilia and apparel perfect for game day.


2. Connect meaningfully with cards and letters

The holidays aren’t just about gifts — they’re about connecting with loved ones, especially ones you haven’t seen in a while. If your family and friends haven’t had the opportunity to connect in person, create a custom newsletter to include with your gifts. This newsletter can share what you and your family have been up to over the past year.

You can put almost anything in your newsletter, but you might want to include a few major things like:

  • The ages and grades of each of your children
  • Any big milestones your children have reached this year
  • New pets or family members
  • Recent family vacations or trips 
  • Big life changes like a new job or home

If writing an entire newsletter isn’t feasible this holiday season, send custom cards instead! You can pair your family photo with a short message to let loved ones know you’re well and thinking of them. Using a professional print and design shop like PostNet will ensure your newsletters and holiday cards look their best.


3. Personalize your gifts

Some people are hard to shop for. If you’re stumped on a gift for a loved one, you can’t go wrong with an item personalized just for them! 

Canvas prints turn photographs into display-ready works of art. If you have a treasured family photograph or a picture that captures an important memory, a canvas print is sure to feel extra special. Memorialize milestones or major events from this year — like a wedding, engagement, graduation or home purchase — with a canvas. You can even make canvas prints out of original artwork, whether from an amateur photographer, an artist in the family, or a creative child.

Custom calendars are another great idea for a personalized gift that’s perfect for groups of friends, family members, or even close neighbors. Use your own photos to customize each month, fitting to a theme that is meaningful to your recipients. 

The best part about personalized gifts is that they’re great for anyone. You can use a similar idea for everyone on your shopping list but end up with a completely unique gift for each person!


4. Shop local

Small businesses continue to struggle in the wake of the pandemic. They need your support now more than ever! Locally purchased gifts support small businesses and keep money in the community. 

Plus, small businesses tend to carry unique or one-of-a-kind items, especially if they’re handcrafted. Your loved one is sure to feel extra special knowing you selected an interesting gift from a local shop just for them.


5. Ship with care

Nobody wants to open a box and find a broken gift! If you’re not able to hand-deliver your gifts this year, make sure to ship them with care.

The shipping experts at PostNet will ensure every item is delivered intact for the holidays, while also advising you on your best service options to help avoid delays. PostNet will carefully pack any item, including fragile or oddly shaped gifts, so it arrives in perfect condition.

We recommend shipping with us early this year to get gifts delivered on time!


PostNet is here to make the holidays more joyful

When it comes to sending unique and thoughtful gifts, PostNet is ready to help. Whether you’re designing a custom calendar, creating a canvas print, or shipping a box of fragile gifts across the country, you can trust us to deliver that holiday magic.

Stop by your local PostNet center for help with personalized printing, packing and shipping this holiday season!


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